Data Mining

Today’s enterprises and organizations are facing an unprecedented growth in data. Extracting tangible value and insights from vast amounts of data has never been more essential for a company to establish and maintain a competitive advantage.  The increasing volume and complexity of data means drawing conclusions through reports and visualizations is no longer sufficient or effective.  Hidden data patterns lay deep within data warehouses, big data sets, machine data logs, and other data sources; often going undetected and unused.  These key data patterns are crucial to helping decision-makers predict future outcomes and events, solve current problems, as well as improve decision making within an organization. Advanced Analytic Services offers Data Mining services, software, and proprietary technology allowing our customers to unearth hidden data relationships and unlock the true power of data. By combining proven data mining practices with predictive analytics, our customers can address critical business issues both now and before they occur.  Advanced Analytic Services empowers our customers with a proactive evidence based decision framework helping to identify problems, develop appropriate models, monitor results and ensure confident decision making.

Our engineers have developed a Data Mining solution capable of helping our customers to:

 Improve quality control processes.
 Minimize credit risk.
 Establish better pricing strategies.
 Optimize sales revenue.
 Understand and predict customer needs and behavior.
 Improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
 Improve cross-sell/up-sell programs.
 Reduce customer attrition.
 Reduce fraud.
 Detect criminal activities and patterns.

Forward-thinking companies across all industries are using Data Mining and predictive analytics to improve their bottom line.  Contact us to discover proven methods for using Data Mining to guide your decision-making, planning, and strategy